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    Maarketo Sales Insight

    Olya Zenchenko

      Hi Marketo community,

      I have a question on marketo sales insight and hoping you could help.
      I have published  some emails to marketo sales insight so our sales team could send invites to their clients. I'm just wondering if there's a way of sending an email via a bulk list to several clients at the same time? Or is it just client?


      Thank you in advance.


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          Veronica Holmes

          Hi Olya

          I assume you mean can Sales use MSI to send bulk emails from within Salesforce instead of one at a time. The answer is yes, but only if you are still using Salesforce Classic, not Salesforce Lightning. You will need to get your admin to create the Send from Marketo custom buttons on the Lead and Contact list views. Instructions here


          Custom buttons don't exist in Salesforce LIghtning, so this Marketo feature became sadly unusable and a fix has never been created (as if this point in time...)


          There is a send limit - it's defined by the maximum number of Leads and Contacts you can put in a list view in Salesforce, which is 250. This feature is not constrained by the Salesforce emailing limit though so you can do multiple sends if you need to do more.