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Preventing MEL/MCLs from syncing to Salesforce

Question asked by Jessica Korn on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Jessica Korn

Hi All - Due to overeager sales reps, we've decided to prevent leads from syncing into Salesforce until they've become MQLs.


We thought this would be fine, until we realized as a result of this change we would not be able to use Salesforce UTM campaigns to track attributed revenue/opportunities to specific campaign activities.


Prior to this change, adding a lead to a SFDC campaign would be a step in the campaign flow, using UTM tracking source.  More times than not, that lead is not an MQL.


Is there a way to add a lead to a specific SFDC campaign only after they have become an MQL? I wish there was a two point flow step that I could use like :


If Lifecycle status is MQL and UTM tracking source is empty = Add to x SFDC campaign