Under the Hood II: Batch Campaigns recording

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I was rehearsing for a customer presentation and realized I could kill two birds with one stone.  Below is a link to the recording.  A couple of notes:

  • This should be considered "final draft" for now
  • Stephen's slides are in but not his talk track.  I'll ask him to record audio and then add it in.
  • The content is the same as what we presented on stage except for one correction to detecting sub-domains (Thanks Denise Greenberg)
  • All the content is "official" except for the Flow Action timings - those are for order-of-magnitude sizing only.  Official results would need proper testing across multiple customers.
  • The PDF of the deck will be posted to the Summit page.  I need to leave that to the standard channels.  Not sure when that's scheduled; I'll defer to Marketing on that.