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    Send an alert based of number of form fills

    McKell Cousins

      I am trying to send an alert email to myself when we have a certain form filled out 950 times. I then need to send an alert to myself when it has been filled out 1,000 times. Has anyone found a success in automating this alert?

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          Diego Lineros

          Not possible without third party integration, but I can think in a walk around something like this, very sketchy,

          Create a record with the name of the event and its email address

          Create a score field for the event

          Every time that someone gets registered trigger an alert to the event email address

          Create a smart campaign with the smart list trigger "sent alert" with the flow change score for the event in +1

          Create smart campaign that once the event record reaches score 950, trigger and alert to you...


          Try and share

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