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    Disappearing Assets from the Tree

    John Sterr (Prod)


      To start, a bit of background.  Not so long ago we overhauled our Program Channels and Status' (we decided to hide the old channels rather than renaming and modifying existing status').  There are some programs utilizing the old program channels that were worthwhile to go through and update.  Yes, this is an incredibely extensive process: remove program members, modify program setup, map the existing status' with new status' and upload members to the appropriate new status. 


      A member of our team has been going through the old programs that need to be updated and recently reached out to me about campaigns and emails disappearing from the program after she had updated the program channel.  We had already executed this program channel swap on a number of programs already and had not come across this issue.  I know what you're thinking...this sounds like some user error...that's what I was thinking.  To my surprise, a number of assets were truely nowhere to be found within the program, even after an Empty Cache and Hard Reload, still missing emails and smart campaigns from the tree.




      As I mentioned, this disappearing act seems to have occured after the program channel was updated and the members were uploaded to the new program status'.


      I took a gander within the Audit trail and was able to navigate to the smart campaign as it had recently been modifed (the program status change flow action had to be removed in order to change the program channel), however the smart campaign didn't seem to be associated with the program.  A quick campaign move action and bingo, I was able to re-associate the campaigns with the program and see them within the tree.



      But, what about the emails...They're still missing and have not been modified recently, so can't access them within the audit trail. 


      Alas! An actual reason to navigate to the program assets tab!  From here I can see all the emails being utilized within each smart campaign.  I navigated to each email, perform a move action on the emails to see them associated with the program in the tree again.



      That last missing piece was the smartlists and reports, for these assets I simply had to clone them (I accessed them via tha Assets tab as well) so they would show up within the tree again.  I had to rename the smartlists and reports.  Even though they weren't showing within the tree, I was getting an error that an existing record had the same name.


      Voila, program restored. 


      *The English smart campaigns had been re-created before I had a chance to attempt this 'restore' procedure which is why they're showing up as an unexecuted batch (we also obvioiusly lost the campaign run history on the English campaigns which we were able to maintain for the Spanish campaigns using this 'restore' procedure).


      Has anyone else experienced this issue before?