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Changing Company Name of SFDC Contact in Marketo

Question asked by Matt Stone on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Quick question about the expected behavior when dealing with Salesforce Contacts attached to Accounts. Once a Contact, the Company Name field is not editable in Marketo via the Lead screen, but you can still "modify" it via the Change Data Value flow step. The change shows in the activity log, but doesn't actually modify the field value anywhere -- this is the expected behavior, right?

I assume this is the case since Marketo isn't modifying the Account itself and that's where the Contact is drawing the Company Name from, but I thought it was odd that the activity log still shows it as if it changed (and it also never shows the sync correcting it afterward).


John Doe is a Contact in Salesforce on the "ACME" Account. In Marketo, I use a lead action to change John's Company Name to "Coca Cola." In John's activity log in Marketo, I see the lead action having executed successfully, but nowhere else on his lead fields is the change reflected. After the next sync with Salesforce, there's no change reflected in the activity log, suggesting that while the log said the action was successful, it actually wasn't and nothing was ever changed.