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    Nurture Program sent content out of order

      We set up a nurture engagement program that was supposed to send a series of emails (1 per week) to new members of the engagement program. At some point during testing, a cadence was set but there was no active content. When the content was finalized and activated and final cadence set, the program sent out the last email in the series rather than the first email in the series. When I looked at the Activity Log for some of the folks who received the email, there are messages about exhausted content, but no mention of sending other emails in the series. So, my first question is...would the exhausted content messages have effected the order in which emails were sent and if we want to reset and start this program over, is the best way to accomplish that to delete the leads from the database and then re-add them?


      This is driving us crazy because there is nothing obvious that appears to be effecting how this working.