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    Using External Stylesheets (link rel = stylesheet)


      I've uploaded our css to the images and files folder on production and am trying to link to the stylesheet from our guided template on stage. 


      <link rel="stylesheet" title="360 Branded" type="text/css" href="http://ourdomain.com/rs/XXX-XXX-XXX/images/ourtemplate.css">


      When I use the template to create a landing page, the CSS is broken, it the link rel is replaced with:


      /index.php/lpTemplate/proxyAsset?idx= and a very long string


      Are we able to link to external stylesheets? I'm not sure why this is being replaced?


      Thank you,


        • Re: Using External Stylesheets (link rel = stylesheet)
          Sheila Baker (CL)

          I saw this today in two different instances. I'm not sure what is happening but there is a bug since the landing pages in question had been working just fine.


          I was able to fix the landing pages with the problems by simply editing the landing page (use "Edit Draft") and then without making any changes, under landing page actions, selecting "Approve and Close". The urls on the style sheets fixed themselves and all was working fine on the landing pages.


          Was going to send this in as a bug to Marketo support but didn't yet get a chance.