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Activity logs and removing users from your database

Question asked by 61100 on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by 61100

     If a user is added to your Marketo database (for example, he or she fills out a form on your site), and later you choose to remove the lead from your database, does the user's Activity Log also get removed?

     If the user comes back to your site later and fills out another form, will he or she be added back in to the database and if so, will a new Activity Log start?

     Last question: If you want to track a user's activity over time but you don't want to send that lead any emails via Marketo, can you 'hide' the contact in some way from being picked up in Smart Campaigns but still record their activity in the Activity Log? 

     I'm hoping to get answers to these odd questions without having to give more context, 'cause it's a somewhat long and complicated story involving the challenges of having two marketing automation systems in one company.