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    Program Status Smart Campaign - One Smart Campaign

      Hello Everyone,

      I have a quick question.  When setting up triggered smart campaigns to change a leads program status I see that a lot of companies I have worked with will used multiple triggered smart campaigns (see below for example).  Wouldn't it make more sense to just use one triggered smart campaign and allow the lead to run through it every time and seeing that a Lead cannot move backwards in a program status there should never be an issue?  I have included screen shots below.  Any feedback as to why this would not be the best practice or validation that it is the best way would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

      Multiple Trigger campaigns to change status.


      One Triggered campaign to change for all statuses:  (lead can run through flow every time)

      1.  Smart List determines action by lead (opens email, clicks email, etc.) and filters on the specific program (Sample).

      I know that you should not use multiple program status for email programs (opens, clicks) as this can be seen in the performance report.  I am just using this as an example.  Thanks.