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Lead scoring amends

Question asked by Ellie Boardman-Szunko on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Ellie Boardman-Szunko

I'm currently reviewing our existing lead scoring and have a few changes to make to some of the scores against particular activity (for example a couple of activities are scored too generously so we're looking to reduce the score allocated) and also to a couple of the smart lists (for example, to capture some additional search queries).


I have recently joined the company so this scoring was set up before I started and am fairly new to to Marketo so any tips would be greatly received.


Making the tweaks seems fairly simple but in terms of best practice, would you run retroactive campaigns to update scores against historic activity taken place or would you just allow the new changes to run so the new score/smart lists affects new activity only?


If I do need to run some retroactive campaigns, would the new score overwrite the existing for that particular activity or would it add on top of the existing score? I feel reluctant to update existing records with the new scoring, especially where we are decreasing the score slightly as I don't want leads to potentially pass through MQL again?

We are also activating some scoring that was set up but never run. Would you suggest retroactive scoring in this case and run a filter to make sure they've not passed through a similar campaign before? If we activate some new scoring, if we don't run any retroactive campaigns, am I correct in thinking this scoring will only apply to new leads?



Apologies in advance for what may be basic questions!