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Changing the ID of an editable zone in a template leading to severe loss of content

Discussion created by Grégoire Michel on Mar 22, 2016
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Before testing this, make sure you are not working on anything close to being used in production.


If you edit an email template and change some ID's of editable zones, then approve the template, all emails will have new draft created. The very bad news is that all these emails drafts will have the content of the editable zones above erased! Lost! Gone!


DO NOT PANIC and read carefully, it is possible to restore the content following the lengthy process below (better than rewriting all the emails though):

  2. Edit the template again and restore the previous IDs of the editable zones. If you do not remember them, download the HTML code (email actions -> download HTML) of one of the non-draft emails using the same template and search for the mktEditable class
  3. Approve the template draft again
  4. Go to each email based on this template and discard the drafts (email actions -> discard draft)
  5. Edit a new draft, the content should be back.


We have tested this process and it worked, but I cannot unfortunately guarantee I have tested it in all conditions.


Furthermore, this is an extremely dangerous behavior, so vote here to have it fixed: Prevent template approval if some editable zone ID's have been modified/removed