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Replicate Marketo Database

Question asked by 402ba2907d58f913745dce79f9e0d986a2189075 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by 4d7cf7abe72e56bc76302054848c6781b9e14c68



I need to build an analytics application in top of the data available in Marketo.


For that I want to replicate the Marketo data into a local database (Sql Server/Oracle, etc.) so I can use that info in a simpler way.


Any suggestions on how to accomplish this.


I was planning in using the REST API for getting all the new activities and activity attributes and I can't foreseen an issue there, however when getting the lead data, getting the updated leads will not do the job I think because I'll still keep delete/merged leads.


Any suggestion on how to overcome this or on how to implement a different replication mechanism.