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How to identify leads manually merged in SFDC

Discussion created by Jason Martin on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

Hey Everyone,

     I have been working on a solution to an issue that we've been having when leads are manually merged by SFDC and I think I've come up with a solution that might be able to help here in the community. See below:


The issue that we have been running into is related to lead scoring and sales alerts when leads are manually merged in SFDC. What we have been seeing is:


1) when leads are manually merged, all SFDC campaign activity is re-added as "new activity" under the merged lead

2) the new activity triggers both our lead scoring model and sales alert rules causing alerts to go out incorrectly after a manual merge was completed

3) our alerts go out to an entire team of sales from that region so sometimes these alerts have caused issues resulting in sales contacting customers based on old, outdated information


What we wanted to accomplish is to avoid having our scoring rules trigger off and to prevent our sales alerts from going out after a manual merge was completed in SFDC.


Initial Option: There were several suggestions in the community to base it off of the number of times that a lead was created. This created issues for us because we just implemented DupBlocker to automatically merge leads when they came in through SFDC, and by implementing the solution based off of multiple creations, it would block leads that were merged by DupBlocker but actually needed to be scored because they filled out a specific SFDC form. We tried using a time frame around the creation dates, but this also created issues because sometimes Sales would merge two old leads or contacts and it would fall out of our specified time frame.



The solution that we have found so far appears to be working and it is actually based on lead score change. When a lead is manually merged in SFDC, Marketo automatically combines the two lead scores and sums them up. When it does this, I noticed in Sales Insights that it creates a line item for the change in lead score that resulted from the merge and the "campaign" that triggered the score change is called "Merge (leaddb)." So, I created the following filter:


Filter Type: Data Value Changed

Attribute: [Is] Lead Score

Reason: [Contains] Merge (leaddb)

Date of Activity: [In Past] 24 Hours


By creating this filter, I can now see all leads that were manually merged in the past 24 hours by SFDC but were not automatically merged by our DupBlocker tool. Also, creation date no longer has a negative affect on the filter. Now that we have this filter, I can remove leads from getting re-scored in our scoring model and prevent sales alerts from going out after a manual merge is completed in SDFC.


Hope this helps someone who is experiencing something similar!