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    Frank Passantino

      I was browsing through the community and noticed there are some requests from our customers around the ability to post to social networks using Marketo.

      I would love to connect with some of our customers to learn more about the problems you are trying to solve, what solutions you use today to try to solve your problems, what you are trying to accomplish, etc.


      Please reach out to me directly at fpassantino@marketo.com if you would benefit from a social posting feature.


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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Frank,


          There are quite a few things that need to be enhanced on the social buttons and social features in Marketo just to make them usable, specifically for European or Asian companies whose social network priorities are not limited to the usual suspects (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook).


          See this idea for instance : custom social buttons


          Things such as customizing/suppressing the "Marketo Social would like to access your data" message that repel almost any visitor. We have done some A/B testing with Marketo buttons and standard non Marketo buttons and we end up with 5 to 20 more frequent sharing with the non-marketo buttons. The marketo social buttons share rate is 0.04%!



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            Stijn Heijthuijsen

            Sent you an email.

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              Kristen Altamura

              Is this a feature now? According to Marketo's website it is, but doesn't seem possible from my instance. i haven't used Marketo in years, so just checking in here now that I am back on the platform.