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    Merge Two Programs

      I have an event based campaign which I launched email invitations through and also tracked registrations thorugh.
      After the evnt took place the Marketing Manager for the event cretaed a seperate program to load the attendees and this second program is where our net new leads are being recorded. Obviously this was an error and the attendees should have been uploaded into the orignal program.

      Is there anyway I can merge the programs so i can just report on the one program and still see the net new leads?
      Thanks in advance for any advise.
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Karen, you could create a smart campaign that says something along the lines of, if acquisition program is incorrect program that was set up, then change acquisition program to your original program. You can also either re-upload the list that they uploaded and just assign it to the correct campaign, or you can just run smart campaigns to switch peoples membership. Changing membership can also be done by highlighting campaign members and going to Lead Actions > Programs > Change Program Status.

          Overall, you can't merge the programs, but this is definitely something that can be fixed to still see net new leads.