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    Marketo University @ Summit What do you want to learn?

      Hi Everyone -- We want to know what courses you want to take on University Day at the upcoming User Summit in San Francisco on Monday 4/8. We took a hard look at feedback from last year, and we can promise this:
      •           Shorter, skills-based courses
      •           Run time of 8AM – 5PM instead of 9 – 4 (permits more shorter sessions)
      •           Coverage of how to use the new Social Apps
      •           A tight coursebook that covers everything (including content for courses you could not attend), offering concise how-to recipes for post-class re-do’s of everything you learned
      The rest is up to you.  Please take the survey and we will finalize curriculum by Monday or Tuesday.
      Survey here: http://s.zoomerang.com/s/UserSummitEducationDay2013
      Education day Registration here: http://summit.marketo.com/2013/marketo-university/

      Thanks and hope to see you there--
      Suzanne Ferry
      Dir EDU
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          I will join the super advanced class. :)  Wow me!
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            Maybe you can suggest a topic and be an SME isn the classroom!  That would be terrific.
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              Sure. I'm just starting to draw out my next website redesign. I'm concerned with providing a better more interactive user experience. Part of the way I will handle this is with creating a Responsive Design website that will scale to fit the user's device. In doing so, it should provide a tailored experience to the size of the screen displaying content in different ways depending on device.

              This is much beyond where Marketo landing pages are at or going to be in the near future. So I need to be able to use HTML forms to push data back to Marketo. So I'd love a little demo on a basic SOAP API call. I really just want a Sign up for Email feature without the drama of iFrames.

              Email address + Requested email (submit) [SOAP: connect/create lead, upsert email + requested contact] 

              I don't think that's particularly hard to do, I can figure out the rest if I have a foundation on which to start. 

              I'm also super interested in pulling small amounts of data out of Marketo to provide a dynamic user experience on my corporate website without needing to navigate to a Marketo landing page. I can handle within my knowledge of javascript & conditional snippets within my CMS making content dynamic. What I don't know how to do is to pull the industry from the mkto record, or perhaps reading it from the cookie if it exists there. Though a quick google search and I'm left with a comprehensive guide by mr hollebone. http://test.hollebone.ca/marketo-soap-api-get-lead-using-ajax-webservice/  I'm sure if I read that I can understand my second question.