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    Last Modified by Marketo in CRM

      We just recently Synched our CRM(Salesforce) with Marketo.

      In Salesforce we have Reports that use the "Last Modified By" to determine who was the last Account Executive that Contacted or updated the Account, Contact or Lead in Salesforce.

      Since we started the sync, Marketo has been overwriting the "Last Modified by" with the Markeo Sync User, everytime it syncs with Marketo.

      I put in a case with Marketo Support and they said this is the Default action of the Sync and there is nothing they can do to stop it from happening.

      So my Question is, has anyone else run into this issue? and have you found a work around?

      Ultimately we need a way to track who was the last Account Executive to touch the Account, Contact Or Lead, and when they made their changes.

      Myles Allen