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Shared Activities in Salesforce

Question asked by fe999f598288af94b688f5b71c8122d17899800a on Nov 14, 2013
I am wanting to turn on Shared Activities in Salesforce.  One of the caveats/warnings is the following:

When a user saves an activity in the user interface, before and after triggers set to do any of the following aren’t supported:
  •                Modifying the whoId (Name) field,  if Shared Activities is enabled
  •                Modifying or adding an activity relation through the TaskRelation or EventRelation object, if Shared Activities is enabled
  •                Modifying or adding an invitee relation on a group event through the Invitee object, whether or not Shared Activities is enabled
Do any of these affect Marketo from entering activities to Salesforce? I do not really have a way to test this and don't want to break it.