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    Lead Nurture Creative Samples

      Hi all,

      My company is planning a June launch of our first lead nurture campaign in Marketo. We're collecting best practices for campaign copy and creative for lead nurture emails so that we get off on the right foot. We think they should be short, sweet, and content-focused. Do people agree? And does anyone have any succesful creative that they're willing to share as examples?

      Thanks in advance!
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          Hey Marta,

          I'd certanly agree with the general idea of your strategy, but best practices really vary by industry and company. Plus, the type of content that resonates best really depends on the segment you're targeting. If you're hitting very early stage leads, the educational, content-focused pieces are probably going to be effective, but for a late stage lead, a personalized email from a sales rep with a case study could be more appropriate.

          Just a thought!


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            Alok Ramsisaria
            Some Notes:
            1 Get your personas to be rich - validate them if possible. Most times folks dont build personas richly enough. (Some great links on the Marketo Blog)
            2 Then build content assets that address Persona based needs - based on funnel stage.
            3 Finally the actual mailers - keep them simple - let the content do the talking.
            4 For design - you can download a bunch of examples from our website - http://www.grazitti.com/Marketo/marketopdf.html
            5 Ensure your mailer is responsive.

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              What do you mean by mailers that are "responsive?"