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    Getting a Landing Page Template Created

      I have a new website developer that is creating a new website for us.  I told them to please create a landing page template for me and they are asking for specificaitons.  Are there any special specificaitons for creating a Marketo landing page template that I should give to my website developer? 
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               There are two simple approaches:
               1. Set  div id="mktContent" class="mktEditable" to define each editable block. The details can be found at
               There are extensive references to help building landing page templates
               2. Simple and effective
               In Design Studio: click New - New Landing Page Template
               Share the basic structure with the developer and advise to add the relevant HTML within the comment tags
               END TEMPLATE HTML
               The developer can, optionally, add more details to the Cascading Style Sheet, defined between
               END TEMPLATE CSS
               Divisions defined by class="mktEditable" can be added to contain specific elements.
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            I vote you create a new blank landing page, export the HTML and provide it to the developer. That way they can build their design into the Marketo template, instead of trying to find the appropriate pieces and fitting them into their website design. I've done it both ways, I think the first is faster.