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    Customizing Landing Pages with Forms

      Does anyone have suggestions on how to make Marketo landing pages look nice?  I find them a real pain to set up.  You either have to be a master of HTML (which I'm not), or drap and drop elements and hope it looks okay (it always looks wonky).  I've tried using the Resources section, but it doesn't really have what I want.

      It seems like HTML is the best way to go, but again, I'm not an expert.  I don't know how to drop in the Marketo form I've built into the HTML either, so that looks strange.  I tried building one today, and the page on mobile was way too small to read.  So, I made the page width smaller for all the container boxes, but then the desktop version was screwed up.  There are no good landing page templates I've found that I can clone either.

      Other vendors have much easier WYSIWYG editors, and I don't understand why Marketo feels so difficult to use.
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          Hi Runjini, you have my sympathies, as I had the same feeling when I first started using Marketo. 

          Marketo's current landing pages module is unfortunately out-dated and manages to provide an unfriendly WYSIWYG experience while simultaneously getting in the way for people who just want to code things from scratch (requiring lots of crazy work-arounds to build a fully responsive page, for example).

          On the bright side, I know efforts are underway by the product team to refresh it and have already started with the new mobile composer. So there's that. 

          Personally, I would just bite the bullet and hire a developer to get the page looking nice. If you don't have acess to one you can find some for reasonable hourly rates on sites like Odesk. 

          I haven't found it's possible to get a professional looking outcome without a grasp of HTML and CSS. 
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            Takehiro Monday
            Hi Runjini

            I'm using other user friendly web authoring tool.
            - After create a landing page at the tool, chage tool display mode WISIWYG to HTML.
            - Next, make a landing page at marketo.
            - Insert a hml element. (Only 1 element in a page)
            - Copy HTML codes from the tool and past to Marketo html emelemt.
             (next <BODY> tag to before </BODY> tag)
            - Copy CSS lines in <HEAD> to </HEAD> to that element also.
            If I need to use Forms2.0, I use embed code.
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              Thank you both for your comments!  We don't have a dedicated web developer, and I just find it a pain that we have to keep outsourcing everything because the tools within Marketo themselves aren't very layman-friendly.  I've been working with HTML in emails for years, but I am still nowhere near an expert and can't really build from scratch.

              Based on our needs, we might outsource for certain projects, but I certainly hope Marketo rolls out better solutions soon.