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Customizing Landing Pages with Forms

Question asked by 063381c72f47d10f6410c4e3856bda9836579473 on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by 063381c72f47d10f6410c4e3856bda9836579473
Does anyone have suggestions on how to make Marketo landing pages look nice?  I find them a real pain to set up.  You either have to be a master of HTML (which I'm not), or drap and drop elements and hope it looks okay (it always looks wonky).  I've tried using the Resources section, but it doesn't really have what I want.

It seems like HTML is the best way to go, but again, I'm not an expert.  I don't know how to drop in the Marketo form I've built into the HTML either, so that looks strange.  I tried building one today, and the page on mobile was way too small to read.  So, I made the page width smaller for all the container boxes, but then the desktop version was screwed up.  There are no good landing page templates I've found that I can clone either.

Other vendors have much easier WYSIWYG editors, and I don't understand why Marketo feels so difficult to use.