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    SFDC Sync


           I need to sync only handful of leads from SFDC to Marketo, has anyone done that?.
           If yes, I know we can do it by defining the profile in SFDC and I was wondering if someone can share the steps on how to go about creating the profile and then syncing it to Marketo?



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          You can go the profile route or you can make the defnitions in Marketo using filters. We require first and last name, email address and company before a lead syncs, but there's no reason you couldn't include country, annual revenue, lead score threshold, etc.

          The profile approach is best if you want the Marketo integration to only have permission to access certain types or classifications of leads. If you create the profile and assign the Marketo user to it, that should do it; Marketo will only "see" those leads for which is has visibility.
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            How can this be done?