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Forms 2.0 - raw form html embedding issues

Question asked by 8413e7a898e75f669eca8fbeeda1d4ad34744bd3 on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Rasmus Bidstrup
Due to how forms 2.0 work, I'm trying to create a template with the raw form code embeded in it. This way I can strip out all the unneccesary inline styling that is severly messing up my form. I've also left off the forms2.js as this further causes problems with the style. When I try to submit the form, it just reloads the page with the data appended to the URL as a query string.

I truly thought that if I created the page with the form in it, grabbed the form html and edited it to my liking, then created a new template/landing page with that form embeded in the template, that this would work. Since it's not, I thought I'd ask for help and have put together a few questions that will hopefully help me solve this issue.

1) Is this a possible solution?
2) Is the forms2.js file required?
3) Has anyone else determined a workaround for stripping out the unwanted inline styles without using css !important or jQuery/JS to accomplish this? In other words, can you do it this way or is the embed code/template form block required?

I'll happily add the raw form code I'm using, but I'm not sure how to create a code block in this editor and would rather not overload the page with a bunch of code unless requested.

I appreciate all help and thoughts about how to solve this problem!