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    Treasure Chest Munchkin Beta on Landing Pages

      I make it a part of my practice every few weeks & after a release to browse through the admin section. Things come & go. New options are available. But what I always check for are new things in the treasure chest. I love Undo in the email editor, Comments on Landing pages. We have the nav goodies & campaign inspector on, but not much use. My colleagues complained so much about the collapse folder view that I turned it back off. 

      Today there's a new one. Munchkin beta on Landing Pages.

      Munchkin Beta on Landing Pages
                               Use the Munchkin Beta release on landing pages
      Developed by DJ

      There is no "Learn More" link to find out what it specifically means. i assume that in some way there's a better munckin version that has something to do with setting up for shorter URLs in the future. 

      Can someone shed some light onto what this new feature is and why we should or shouldn't activate the beta.