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    Email template request

      I'm new to Marketo so apologies if this an obvious question! I've requested that Marketo create an email template which they've said will take 3-5 working days to create. On average, how long have you found that you have to wait?

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          I waited about four days but I submitted my request on a Friday. We received them on the following Tuesday.

          Also note that there are quite a few technical things that you will want to sort out with the stock templates. Use http://www.mail-tester.com/ to find issues with your emails and correct them before trying to send them out. I made the mistake of sending out an email blast using the stock templates that they provided and had a ridiculous number go into the spam filter.
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            Its important to keep in mind: the actual work might be fast but they'll need to add it to their existing queue.  Knowing this, 3-5 working days is not unreasonable.