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    Global Email Preference Smart List

      We created an unsubscribe page using the subscription management methodology shown in the "Don't let them unsubscribe" Marketo Masters feature. Toward the end, the presenter said we need to create a smart list that includes a filter for the opt out.

      My question is, do I need to create a smart list filter for every single program that calls out the "not unsubscribed to this particular list" field or is there some way to create a global preference list? The default unsubscribe is nice and automatic, but it appears creating multiple unsubscribe lists greatly complicates matters.
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          There is no global preference list that will automatically suppress unsubscribes from being sent emails for different subscriptions. You can either have a checkbox field for each subscription type or a static list to which you add the leads that have unsubscribed from that subscription.  Then in your smart campaign(s) that send your subscription emails, you will need either a field filter for the subscription checkbox field or a "Member of List not in [unsubscribe list]". 
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            Thanks Elliott--that was my suspicion.
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              I'm building a email preference center, where Forms 2.0 will be most helpfull. However for every mailing we need to repect a lead's preferences. The only solution I see is for every campaign to add filters to the smartlist to exclude leads that are not 'true' for the related topic. This seems like a big hassle and has a high risk of faults. Is there really no other way?