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Kaizen. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Goals. These are my core values. Kaizen means “continuous improvement” and it perfectly describes my life. I am always reading and studying diverse topics related to my goals. PMA and goals are the fuel that keep me going even when obstacles seem impossible to overcome. There is always a glimmer of hope even in the worst situations. Stay positive and keep moving towards your goals. The ability to embrace change is very important. If you define yourself by your current position, then you place yourself in a box that defines what you can and can't do. It inhibits you from taking chances that might lead you in a completely different direction. That's why I'm constantly evolving and instead use multiple words to describe myself: Writer. Optimist. Habitual Reader. Social Entrepreneur. Startup Evangelist. Adventurer. Runner. Traveler. Global Citizen. My life is like a winding, scenic road. I grew up in the US but have lived overseas (Tokyo, Paris, Berlin) for the past 13 years. I’ve worked at large global companies and small startups, braved it as a freelancer and have started my own company more than once. I run marathons and triathlons because I love to challenge myself. I’ve traveled all over the world, studied several languages and have a long bucket list that is also my roadmap for a rewarding life. And since that roadmap is constantly evolving, I’m always ready for any opportunity that comes my way. Life is short. Live every day as if it were your last. Always be mindful. Meditate. Treasure your friends and family. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. There’s an unexpected opportunity or lesson to be learned in every interaction. Embrace change and take chances. If you don’t like something in your life, change it. Don’t waste time worrying about the past. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Set big goals (BHAGs!) and achieve them. Live your passion. This is who I am.
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