The Next-Generation Marketo Engage Experience

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

We are excited to announce the new Marketo Engage experience that brings together the look and feel of Adobe Experience Cloud with productivity innovations to help marketing practitioners work faster and smarter. The end result is a next-generation experience that’s designed for easy adoption – marketers can seamlessly switch back and forth between the current and the new experience on every screen, individually, at their own pace. Plus, the context is maintained while switching, so there’s no disruption.


This new experience is rolling out over time, so read on to learn more.


                        Mainstream View



                        Next-Generation Experience View




As you can see in the images above, users can simply flip a switch and use a feature or part of the Marketo Engage application in the updated, next-generation experience and easily switch back to the mainstream experience whenever they want. This reimagined vision is born from customer feedback and testing collected through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and usability studies with over 1,500 practitioners.


Q4 2020

In 2020, we are laying the foundation for this unified experience with a new left-hand “tree” that houses folders and programs and an updated global navigation along the top. This part of the experience will be an automatic upgrade for all users and there will be no toggle for the updated tree and global navigation.


For the first phase of this new experience, we zoomed in on the little things that make navigation, global and tree search, filtering, understanding iconography, and asset creation & movement faster and easier for all users. We are also moving towards a design and experience that is consistent with Adobe Experience Cloud.


image (6) 3.png


Benefits include:

  • Streamlined program and asset creation with the ability to create a local asset within a folder
  • Consistent design for easier navigation across Adobe Experience Cloud applications
  • Updated and sleek iconography
  • A faster, more performant tree
  • Ability to easily collapse all folders in the left-side tree menu
  • Ability to apply multiple filters at once to narrow down your search
  • Find any campaign, asset, etc. across Marketo Engage with Global Search
  • More intuitive global navigation to move around Marketo Engage quickly


As mentioned above, we have added the ability to create assets within the folder you want them to live in rather than having to move them post-creation. Also, we are adding the ability to move assets with a simple right click and “Move” action.


One of our top priorities for 2020 is to make this new Marketo Engage experience accessible to all users. To meet the latest WCAG standards, we have prioritized the move action and asset creation capabilities described above to move assets. We plan to add drag and drop capabilities in H1 2021.


2021 Innovations
Beginning in 2021, users will start to see the toggle functionality delivered screen by screen as pictured at the top of this article, which allows for seamless switching between our mainstream and next-generation experiences. 


We will also be bringing over new innovations like Event Caps and Waitlists, exciting features for Predictive Audiences like predictive goal tracking and AI-powered recommendations, the ability to save rules and flows to easily recycle previous logic, and more to the next-generation experience that can be easily accessed and toggled to.


The Rollout

In July, we onboarded a handful of early access customers to the new tree and global navigation and plan to rollout to the majority of the customer base through the rest of 2020. Beginning in 2021, we will begin delivering features in the new, unified experience that users can easily toggle between.


Throughout the rollout, we will be providing a variety of resources like online guides, videos, and detailed documentation to facilitate onboarding. And, our customers continue to be our greatest source of inspiration and we’ll continue to gather and incorporate feedback. Within Marketo Engage, customers and partners can submit feedback, which we will review regularly and consider for future updates.


To the marketing practitioners out there, we hope this new Marketo Engage experience makes every day go faster and every goal feel closer. This is just one of the ways we’re investing in your success with the next generation of marketing automation software – learn more about what we’re doing with artificial intelligence and marketing and sales partnership, or check out the latest take on Marketo Engage from Gartner.

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