Marketo Sky Deprecation Notice

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

After March 11, 2022, access to Marketo Sky will be removed from all Marketo Engage subscriptions as we focus on delivering our next-generation experience. We are bringing some of our most popular Marketo Sky innovations to our next-generation UX so that teams can continue taking advantage of them without needing to navigate to Marketo Sky.


  • Campaign Priority Override: Ensure that high-priority trigger Smart Campaigns execute as soon as possible with the ability to override the standard campaign priority ranking. Lower-priority trigger Smart Campaigns can also be lowered in priority to free up processing resources for other high-priority tasks.


  • Asset Deactivation: Maintain control of your time-sensitive assets and campaigns with the ability to schedule their automatic deactivation at a specified date and time.


Access to other Marketo Sky exclusive functionality will be lost when access is removed after March 11, 2022. These features will return in the future as we continue to release redesigned assets in our next-generation UX.