Microsoft SNDS Instructions

Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) for

For each IP within the ranges that are reported on by Hotmail’s SNDS, the following data are provided:

  • IP Address

  • Mail data

    • Activity period
    • Traffic data
      • SMTP verb and message recipient counts

      • Sample commands

    • Junk mail data
      • Filter result
      • Complaint reports
      • Traphits
      • Sample messages
  • Virus-infected emails
  • Malware hosting

  • Open proxy status


This information helps monitor the IP’s reputation and delivery statistics at Outlook. Specifically, the impact of complaints, trap hits and filter results.


Getting Started

To begin you will need to first create an email address with Outlook that will be dedicated to this account. We suggest something like company You can sign up here.


Once the address is created proceed to the Request Access page; enter the dedicated Marketo IP assigned to your subscription.


Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 11.37.56 AM.png


This will take you to Step 2 of 3, choosing the address the confirmation is sent to. Choose and contact Marketo Support to request this access be approved for the dedicated Marketo IP.


SNDS step 2.png



Once you choose the email address to receive the access email you will see this confirmation page.


Step 3.png



An email will be delivered to the address chosen in Step 2 with confirmation instructions. Once your access is confirmed by a member of the Marketo Email Compliance Team you will use to monitor the IPs reputation at

You will need to login with the account you created for this set-up when you sign into SNDS.

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