Deliver in Person Time Zone

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I’ve noticed a number of posts and questions in the community regarding the Deliver in Person Time Zone feature so I wanted to post a quick update. We’re so excited to roll out the number one idea on the community, Deliver in Person Time Zone. You’ll already notice a field on each lead record on the Person Info tab called Recipient Time Zone that will be automatically updated based on their explicit or inferred location data and will continue to be updated if any of this location information changes. If you’re not yet able to enable Recipient Time Zone on your Email and Engagement Programs, don’t panic! Now that the Q4 2017 release is live, we’ve begun the process of gradually enabling this feature to customers. If you’re as excited as we are about this feature, please check back in a few days and I’ll provide another update regarding when to expect access.

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Hey Nikki,

It is an option on the program that will have to be selected. This Docs article here helps to go over that process

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Frank Passantino​ Do you have an update on when this update will occur? I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

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All, we completed the roll out of this feature to all remaining pods today.



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Scenario: I am sending an e-mail for tomorrow at 9am (recipient time zone) and I am approving it now. It says that it will start in 15 min. Is this just like a head start? It won't actually send until tomorrow at 9am local time zone? Are you able to confirm?

Chuck Merry​ FYI


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If I turn this on for an existing Nurture program, I have to set the first cast date again, this won't reset the list of people who have already received prior content will it? Just want to make sure this will only apply to casts moving forward and that I won't be sending the same emails again to the same audience.

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Teddy Doohan now that I'm onboard let's talk internally if this is still an open item.

But, to provide a quick answer here, the lead will not receive content (by ID) in a stream more than once.