Welcome to the Closed Beta Program for the new Program Member Custom Fields!

Marketo Employee

Welcome to the Closed Beta Program for the new Program Member Custom Fields!

Hello Marketing Nation,


The new (and long-awaited) Program Membership extensibility feature has arrived. Currently, it is in closed beta. New features are seldom perfect out the gate, and there are additional enhancements on the roadmap (tokens, Salesforce CRM Campaign Member Sync). That's why we want YOU as a beta user and early adopter.


Why are we releasing these features as a closed beta rather than GA, and why should you become a beta user? Mainly because we want to learn from you so we can refine Marketo Engage into a product you enjoy using every day that brings value to your business. This is also an opportunity for you to learn how to use this functionality in your business before everyone else does. Additionally, you can:

  • Tell us when this functionality is ready for general release
  • Validate the new features
  • Give us feedback and suggestions on documentation
  • Provide us with feature requirements for future iterations
  • Help us catch bugs and design flaws


If you haven't already done so, please sign the Adobe DX Closed Beta Agreement now (and specify me, Badsah.Mukherji@adobe.com as your Adobe Contact)!




Questions? Send us an email.


Thank you.

Badsah Mukherji




Session: S762 - Expand Your Marketo Engage Capabilities

Badsah Mukherji | Senior Manager, Marketo Product Management | Adobe