Zoom or GoToMeeting for Webinars?

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Zoom or GoToMeeting for Webinars?

My company is looking to integrate with a webinar service, and we are looking at either Zoom or GoToMeeting. What are the pros and cons do you find for both services?

Alissa K. Greco
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Re: Zoom or GoToMeeting for Webinars?

We haven't used Zoom for webinars, but have been using GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar for some time. Here's what we like and don't like:


  • Easy program set-up - We connect each Marketo program to GoToWebinar by selecting the webinar from within the Marketo UI
  • Fast integration - Registration data gets passed to GTW quickly, with registrants receiving their confirmation email within a minute or two (we still send the confirmation emails from GTW)
  • Easy attendee tracking - Attendee/no show data automatically gets pushed back into Marketo. We've automated the follow-up process to webinars using tokens and triggered emails, so we don't have to touch anything after a webinar is over.


  • The integration has had some sketchy periods - it seems like at least once a year there's an inexplicable error in the integration for a large portion of customers.
  • Registration errors - Beyond the larger integration failures that customers experience, we periodically have to reconnect our GTW integrations (we have several accounts) from within Marketo. I've gotten into a habit of checking a daily error report to make sure we stay on track.

Hopefully someone else can speak to Zoom