Youtube widget and Social Sharing

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Youtube widget and Social Sharing

Hi Friends,

I am looking for a solution here, any help would be highly appreciated.


I am using a Marketo Video (Youtube) Widget using class="mktoVideo" element. Everything is fine here and i did configure the social icons and messages in the video asset tab before approving the asset. This has been embedded into the landing page as well as it needs to be.


When i tried to use the sharing feature in the landing page, this does happen as it is supposed to be but the funnel stats which gives away the report of number of visits, interaction, shares, etc, throws only number of "visits" (which is fine) but not number of "shares" (even though everytime it successfully completes the sharing action on the landing page). Whats more surprising is, it is showing the number of shares in the "interaction" tab. Further even though it says "posted successfully", the social media account which is used to share (Twitter in this case) does not show up any social share which was done form the landing page using this feature.

I tried using Social buttons widget, but the result is exactly the same. Am i missing anything or do i need to use any extra piece of JS in the page to make this work as it should be?


If anyone has used this feature with success, then do share your feedback or comment which might help me in this case. Thank you in advance!