who click my email?

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who click my email?

Hi there,

Yesterday i sent an email throughtout Marketo.

Today, I would like to see who (from my list) have clicked in  this email. How can i do it?Could you help me ?

Many thanks,

Joana Miranda

Level 10

Re: who click my email?

Hi Joana,

Create a smart list and use the "clicked link in email" filter.

And my advice is that you get some training (Don't take it bad, but this is a very basic question). Starting in Marketo without enough training is a sure path to suffering, in addition to time wasted and errors. Start with Marketo University


Level 8

Re: who click my email?

Hi Joana,

I agree with Gregoire, It would be also great if you reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive who would be in charge of your account and check with them on the options that might be available for you.