Re: Which deliverability tool do you prefer?

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Re: Which deliverability tool do you prefer?

Apologies for the delayed reply. We offer three (3) solutions from 250ok:  Email Deliverability Power Pack, Reputation Power Pack and Analytics (aka Informant)

All three of your questions are included in the "Analytics (aka Informant)" tool.

  • The data is available geographically by City/Region/Country, so you can see granularly where opens are happening.
  • Yes, it is a separate pixel from your standard Marketo pixel and is presented for you within the tool when you've subscribed.
  • Yes, it is filtered by numerous filters including:  dates first and last seen, mailstream, campaign, mailbox provider, platform, device, client, country, region, city, timezone, engagement time, engagement level (glanced, skimmed, read.)

Happy to demo for you if you'd like.