What's a 'lead' to you?

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What's a 'lead' to you?

Do you treat leads as people or as a pre-cursor to an opportunity? I'm assuming most of you treat them as people (since that is how MKTO and SFDC are set up). How do you address things like add-ons, etc?

Also, if you treat leads as people how do you deal with contacts in SFDC that you want to nurture as a lead as it is related to lead queues (since leads can't be in a lead queue)? We are using InsideSales to help with this, but now have run into the issue there is no changing of a contact status to drop them out of a calling list. 
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Re: What's a 'lead' to you?

It depends on the context.

In the B2B context they are pre-cursor to an opportunity indeed.

B2C will consider them all "contacts" since lead is not relevant.
Some 3rd party products may follow that convention.
That is also valid for the new Marketo Dialog Edition (http://eu.marketo.com/pricing/consumer-marketers)