Re: What Kind of Relationship do you have between MKTO & SFDC?

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What Kind of Relationship do you have between MKTO & SFDC?

I'm trying to get some input on MKTO/SFDC relationship, specifically from a sync perspective.

There are a couple ways I know that Marketo and SFDC can work together

1) 1:1 sync

  • Every Marketo program syncs to its own SFDC campaign

2) Multiple Marketo Programs syncing to 1 SFDC campaign

  • use the "sync to SFDC" flow step in Marketo programs to push records to one master SFDC campaign
  • using values such as source and medium to determine which channel they came from

3) Hybrid Approach

  •   Having One Master MKTO program that syncs to One Master SFDC campaign, but having multiple programs in MKTO that are capturing records 
  • You would use these multiple programs and push them to a master MKTO program, which would already be synced to SFDC

Are there any other approaches I am missing?

And I know everyone's use case is different, but which approach is the most scalable and favorable for reporting?

Thanks you.

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Re: What Kind of Relationship do you have between MKTO & SFDC?


But not every marketo program needs to sync to a SFDC campaign and vice versa. We have parent campaigns that we created in SFDC only.

Furthermore, if you have marketo programs that are tracking channels as a whole like paid social, paid search, display, these don't need to be synced.

We only sync programs (and sync them 1:1) that are essentially marketing 'initiatives', campaigns that makes sense for sales people to tag an opportunity to.

Ultimately, it does come down to how you do your reporting!

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Re: What Kind of Relationship do you have between MKTO & SFDC?

My recommendation would be to choose a 1:1 sync because it helps with sales and marketing alignment, and here are three reasons: 

  1. Person Activity - Sales can see person activity and which campaigns people are responding to. 
  2. Automatic Sync of Program Statuses - If you sync membership at the program level between Marketo and SFDC, when a Person Status changes to Attended, for example, this status will automatically be updated in SFDC. 
  3. Reduction of Errors and Duplicates - In your example, you are specifically mentioning campaign sync. Still, it is essential to note that a 1:1 sync of records is favorable from a data management perspective. To prevent duplicates in both systems, the best method is to have one record for each person that is synced across. If you want to hide early-stage prospects from sales, you can set up a queue in SFDC, but they should still exist in both systems.

The other approaches are not as favorable because they are taxing on the system (having multiple sync through SFDC flow steps), and may introduce duplicate data.