What Are Your Highest Converting Landing Pages?

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What Are Your Highest Converting Landing Pages?

I saw this discussion in Unbounce and thought it would be good for the Marketo community as well.

We are always testing and improving our landing pages (though not always going back and updating our old ones!), so I wonder what else is out there.

If you are into it, paste the URL of your best landing pages and let's inspire each other! If you want to share any other info on it (like is it Unbounce, knak, custom, other integrations), that would be cool too!

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Re: What Are Your Highest Converting Landing Pages?

Our best converting landing pages are our free trial and demo because 90% of the visitors to our site simple want to play with our product (or see it at the very least).

Our team uses Google Optimize​ for our testing purposes and then implement findings onto our pages and create another test. Testing is critical in the current state of marketing so enjoy people that take a data driven approach to understanding what's working for them. Our team meets every other week to review tests in progress and brainstorm other things we could be testing but aren't.