Webinar Status Changes

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Webinar Status Changes

How do I update a lead's status from attending/registering/etc to a webinar that was performed before our Marketo was linked to our Webinar platform? I have 2 lists with notes on who did/did not attend, I'm just at a loss on how to get them updated in an efficient way.

I used an Email Send  Campaign to get the registration out, so the options don't include live event status change options. I may have missed it in our lead details, so if it's an option in there I just can't find it. Thanks.

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Re: Webinar Status Changes

Desi, there are multiple ways to do this.  How many people are on your list?  If it's manageable, you can simple import the list as members; and then manually change the program status to the appropriate status.  For example, if your list contains 25 people who registered - and 10 attended - you can select all members and change their program status to "registered".  And then select those 10, and change their status to "attended".

Or you can build a smart campaign to define the program status based on specific data.  For example, if you have a custom field called "attendee status" - where you store a standard list of status values (registered, attended, etc. as part of your list import) - when the list has been uploaded as a static list to the program, you can run the batch campaign against that list and use "choices" within the "change program status" flow step to assign the proper status.