Web Fonts for LPs

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Web Fonts for LPs

Good morning all,

For landing pages is there an ability to use custom web fonts from a 3rd party site such as Adobe font kit??


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Re: Web Fonts for LPs

I think you would need to upload the source file of the custom font as a text file in the design studio and then reference that file in your CSS.

However, that is no guarantee that all the email services and browsers would render the custom font. So you will also need to have a nice fall back font set up.

Josh Hill​ does that sound right to you?

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Re: Web Fonts for LPs

Modern browsers all support web fonts and custom fonts. Email clients is a different story. About half of them do.

Here is a list of the email clients that support web fonts:

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.28.23 AM.png

IMO it's still worth doing web fonts in your emails because half of your recipients will have a MUCH better experience. LPs is a no-brainer.

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Re: Web Fonts for LPs

Hi Amanda,

Sure, you can use any web font. Just add the necessary reference code in the page (either in the LP Template or in LP itself) and then you would simply specify via CSS that an element should use that font.