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View Sent Emails w/ Tokens in Salesforce

I'm looking for a way to get an exact copy of an email sent through Marketo on the record in Salesforce. We currently use Sales Insight so that our Salesforce users can see which emails were sent to leads and they can click through to see the Marketo template of that email. However, they would like to be able to see the exact email sent - meaning not just the template, but a version that shows all the variable fields populated the way a customer would see it. This will help them troubleshoot any questions they receive regarding a given email.

So far, I haven't been able to find a way to do this. Everything just seems to show the template. Has anyone else run into this issue and/or found a way to show Salesforce users a email with all variable data (tokens) filled in?

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Re: View Sent Emails w/ Tokens in Salesforce

Hi Rebecca,

I don't believe what you are looking for is possible. Marketo does not store a version of every email that was sent out with tokens populated. Tokens are populated the same moment the email is sent. Instead, if your sales teams needs to troubleshoot an issue and see what an email might have looked like for a prospect, then I would recommend them using the preview feature on the email. In Marketo, when you preview an email, you can preview it as a lead. Just use the drop down you see below.


For this to work, your sales team would need access to Marketo and the ability to see the email that was sent (not just the template).

You might also considering adding your sales team to a seed list and sending all prospect emails to them as well so they know what communication prospects are receiving. If they can access the fields in SFDC that you are using for tokens, then they could deduce what would appear in an email for a certain prospect!

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Re: View Sent Emails w/ Tokens in Salesforce

Why don't you create a shared email inbox that all of your sales team have access to.  Then just make sure to send a copy of every email to that inbox (either include it in a trigger "Email address is" in the sending smart campaign or send a sample to the email address).  Your sales team can then just click on the folder in their inbox and search for the email by subject line. 

In Marketo Sales Insights the Email tab shows you the exact subject line used so they could just copy that and search the email folder. Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 23.34.27.png

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Re: View Sent Emails w/ Tokens in Salesforce

I would look into using the "email to salesforce feature". You first need to activate this feature in SFDC. Once this is done, each SFDC user (including you or the Marketo sync user) is given an email address that you can use to send emails to SFDC that will be added as notes to the related contacts.

In Marketo, in you smart campaigns, you will have to use an email proxy field and setup the following flow step sequence:

  1. Send email (to the person's email)
  2. copy the email address into the proxy field (with a change data value)
  3. replace the person's email address with your email to salesforce address
  4. send the email again (to email to salesforce)
  5. copy back the original email address to the email field.

It takes a test though : I have not been using this for years and I do not remember if the email stored i SFDC is the HTML version or the text version. And I do not know how it behaves with high volumes. This feature was designed a long time before the event of the SFDC outook plugin.


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Re: View Sent Emails w/ Tokens in Salesforce

We have an inbox currently setup that automatically creates a case on the appropriate person record in SFDC for every email received. I wonder if there's a way to use the "send alert" feature in our smart campaigns that just sends the same email to our designated inbox every time. That may be simpler than the proxy field.

But I do see the proxy could work. We already have the email to salesforce feature turned on so we'll test that solution and the alert idea.

Thanks so much for the ideas and advice!