Using GetFeedback

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Using GetFeedback

Hi All,

We are using GetFeedback to send a survey but I have two questions:

1. In order to track who responded to the survey, do we have to export the contact list from SFDC and import into Marketo or is there another way through Marketo?

2. Where can I find the correct tokens to use in the link for the merge fields? The documentation says that this link should work -{{Contact.ID}}&ACCOUNT_ID={{Account.ID}} but Marketo doesn't recognize the tokens. I get the attached error.

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Re: Using GetFeedback

Hi Mirella,

If the responses are being mapped directly to Salesforce records, and the Marketo sync user can see those records, then the updates/values should automatically be pulled down to the lead records in Marketo.

As for the tokens, those are not valid Marketo tokens.  I would refer to GetFeedback's support page for more information on what they're looking for.