Update program api issue

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Update program api issue

Hello Team,

One issue I found for Update program call is :

When we pass tags as “[]” which is null array it is failing with message “Unable to update program”.


   "requestId": "1774f#1540f9161f6",

   "success": false,

   "errors": [   {

      "code": "704",

      "message": "Unable to update program"



While if we pass same in createProgram call , it works it does not fail.

Here the issue is , backend is accepting key as “tag” not “tags” for update call that is why when I am passing key as “tags” it is failing.

I tried with key “tag” and value as [] and it is successful.

Please make changes at your end as in documentation it has mentioned it accepts “tags” as key.



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Re: Update program api issue

Hi Amrendra,

What happens if you send a 'non-null' array of values for 'tags'?

A couple of things,

As per the documentation, tags is an 'optional' parameter. So if you have no values to send, simply do not include it. Did you try that?

Including 'tag' parameter which is not documented and so the server might simply be ignoring it.

So the server did not get 'tags' attribute which is ok as it is optional. And it simply ignored 'tag' parameter as it did not expect it. And the call succeeded.

Does it make sense?