Update Lead Status From Sales Alert Email

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Update Lead Status From Sales Alert Email

I'd like to try and allow our sales reps to update lead status from the alert emails that we send them.

For example, the alert email could include a "archive" or "sales accepted" button which would update the lead status in Marketo and SFDC. Is this possible?

None of the triggers I can see allow for someone else to click and cause a data value change on a different lead. My first thought was to include each lead's Marketo Unique Code in the email and use that to add them to a list or somehow create a trigger that eventually causes a data value change, but I couldn't quite get there.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Update Lead Status From Sales Alert Email

If you want automatic, one way is to link the buttons to a landing page with a Marketo form that auto submits and changes statuses based on what was submitted. You can get the form to dynamically submit by appending parameters to the link

Another way which requires an extra button click (and possibly a login too) is to use links to Salesforce tasks with parameters that prefill the task, and trigger smart campaigns listening for 'activity is logged'.


<a href="https://domain.my.salesforce.com/00T/e?who_id={{lead.SFDC ID}}&tsk5=Wrong%20Fit%20%28id:{{program.Id}}-40%29&tsk6=Do%20Not%20Remove%20id%20tag%20in%20subject&tsk12=Completed&retURL={{lead.SFDC ID}}">Wrong Fit</a>

the 'tsk5' parameter will prefill the subject of the task. I have a smart campaign listening for the program id + step as a unique code e.g. id:2759-40