Un-Disqualifying a Dynamics Synced Lead

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Un-Disqualifying a Dynamics Synced Lead

We’re trying to determine behavior of a Marketo lead synced to Dynamics after its Disqualified.

We know we can’t un-disqualify a Marketo synced lead with Marketo.

We know we can continue to market to disqualified leads without issue in Marketo.

What we’re trying to figure out is how we can trigger an un-disqualify workflow in Dynamics with a synced lead field in Marketo.

We are using a “Marketo Create New Lead” Field that when set to yes, it fires a workflow that creates a new Dynamics lead. It works when the Lead Status is set to Open.

Does anyone know if when the “Microsoft is Deleted” field is set to True on a Marketo lead, does that unsync the Marketo lead from Dynamics?

Paul Wilson​ Any ideas?

We are on Dynamics 365 Online


Jeremy Foote

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Re: Un-Disqualifying a Dynamics Synced Lead

And we just determined "Microsoft is Deleted" is not an addressable field in Marketo.

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Re: Un-Disqualifying a Dynamics Synced Lead

Good day Jeremy Foote​ - that's a challenge!

I have seen 3 possible scenarios work ranging from high to low tech. The first scenario is to write a web hook that calls a web service that would change the statecode of the related DCRM record. So the payload of the web hook would be the GUID of the record, and the new state code. In Marketo you would use a trigger to call the web hook when you have an update to a "disqualified" record. I rank this as the highest tech solution.

The next approach I have seen done is using an ETL tool like Bedrock Data to write a task related to the disqualified record, and then have a workflow in DCRM that then changes the statecode. This approach does rely on having an additional technology (I checked Zapier and it unfortunately doesn't allow for a trigger from Marketo on record update). I think this would be the mid-tech solution.

The last approach I have seen used is the manual method where you would define an alert email that would be sent to a human that includes a link to the DCRM record, and the human would then manually re-activate the disqualified record.

Let me know your thoughts Jeremy Foote​!


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Re: Un-Disqualifying a Dynamics Synced Lead


These are all interesting strategies.

Since we have long multitouch lead lifecycles and a deep, long term list of leads, we're sort of working along the same path of thinking that Dan Stevens presented at Summit.

We're discussing disabling sales access to the DCRM Disqualification selection under Lead Status and creating a new custom "Disqualification Reason" picklist so only under a specific set of team lead controlled circumstances could a lead get truly DQ'd and hence disconnected from MKTO. Or possibly using "Status Reason" for Sales Disqualification purposes like Dan's team is using.

But these other higher tech solutions you presented might deliver a better solution. One with no sales team involvement or retraining. Which everyone likes.