Twitter Cards - sending to LP

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Twitter Cards - sending to LP

Hi folks, we're trying to set up a new twitter card with marketo integration. Our first one we had people opt in and sent a follow up email with the content. This time we'd like to gather their info and send them to a marketo landing page instead of sending a follow up email. Is this possible? Or do you have to use the form submit button like this? 

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Re: Twitter Cards - sending to LP


I think this is more a question about how Twitter's lead generation card works. I believe you can put the landing page as the Fallback URL in Twitter, and you could have that Fallback URL be a Marketo landing page, but I don't think that's not exactly where the button goes. On supported device/app, it goes to a "Thank you for your interest! [Company name] will be in touch soon. <Learn more>" with the <Learn more> being a link to that fallback URL.

Does that answer your question?

(If you want to get super fancy, you could call a webhook upon lead creation in the Twitter campaigns, which could automatically Follow the new lead on Twitter [via their REST API], and send a DM if the lead is already following you in the first place.)

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Re: Twitter Cards - sending to LP

I'd be interested in hearing options for engaging with these leads as well.

We've done the barebones integration between Twitter Cards and Marketo. One key challenge is that you only get three pieces of information:

Username as a single text string. Does anyone have a solution for parsing these names (sometimes with spaces, sometimes not) into first and last name fields? (Despite Twitter guidelines, these names are not always "real" and not always something you want in your CRM, by the way.)

Email address

Twitter handle

You don't get company information for example. You don't get inferred information because it's coming from the API; all the inferred geo and company info just reads as Twitter.

Today we do the same thing with a personalized followup email that provides the deliverable they wanted and suggests next steps. With no company or geo, these have to be considered nurture candidates that need to be driven to a form where we can gather more concrete contact info.

Linking to the Twitter Card to a landing form, through any mechanism, strikes me as a more traditional and solveable problem. If we're going to make the "low bar to engagement" work that these Twitter Cards provide, we'll need to be creative about how to capture these clicks and do something meaningful with them.