Transition rules in engagement

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Transition rules in engagement

Hi all, i have  a query with transition rules, 

currently i am transitioning prospects through my nurture streams using lead score e.g.

Early: 0-25

Mid: 26-59
Late: 60+


My question is in transition rules can i also have an OR option, e.g if lead score is between 26-59 OR if the click the link on the email content transition to MID stage, even although thier lead score may not be 26 yet? The reason for this is, we may have a situation where someone engages with the early stage content but still dont have a high enough lead score to transition to mid stage?


Does anyone have a solution for this

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Re: Transition rules in engagement

Yah, think of them like normal smart campaigns. You can add multiple triggers to accomplish this. 

  • First Trigger
    • Score is changed (new value is 26-59)
  • Second Trigger
    • Clicks Link in Email and pick the email/link