Trade Show Data Collection

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Re: Trade Show Data Collection

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the response. What would be your definition of a "larger show"?


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Re: Trade Show Data Collection

You're welcome.

We tend to have polar opposites, some smaller shows might only bring us 5 leads with one rep attending, other shows may bring us 200 leads with 8 reps attending.

I don't want iCapture to hold them back in the booth so I'd say if I expect more than 8-10 leads per rep attending then iCapture might slow them down without being able to use the barcode.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Trade Show Data Collection

Hi, this is Paula from atEvent. I want to clear up some of the questions I’ve seen in this forum.

Faryal AliChristina Zuniga are correct. The atEvent mobile app does not have root access to Marketo.

There is no direct API connection between our mobile app and Marketo. Rather, the atEvent mobile app uses a REST API (not SOAP) to connect to the atEvent Services platform. The platform then passes vetted requests to Marketo, either via the soon-to-be-defunct SOAP API, or the newer REST API.

Because the mobile app is never directly accessing Marketo records, there is no way to accidentally or maliciously delete your Marketo database from the mobile app.

When signed into the mobile app, you may work with data you’ve entered into the app itself; you cannot retrieve or delete pre-existing Marketo records.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Paula G.

Customer Success, atEvent